If your watch shows signs of malfunction or the deviation of the accuracy of its mechanical calibre is bigger than stated, it will need to be seen by our experts who will service and repair it. ROBOT watches are under warranty for a period of eight years. This warranty covers all manufacturing and hidden defects. During this period we will repair your watch free of charge. We recommend that you entrust your watch to us halfway through the warranty period for a routine inspection. After the eight-year warranty expires, we will still take care of your watch. Repairs on an out-of-warranty basis will be carried out at your cost. Please note that regular servicing and repairs of damage or malfunction caused by improper use are always charged for. The extent and cost of repairs vary from model to model and it depends on the degree of damage. The price will be quoted on a case-by-case basis in advance of any work being carried out. The price will be based on an hourly rate set for the work of the watchmaker and the cost of spare parts needed. If you ever feel there may be something wrong with your watch, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will always take care of it.

The eight-year warranty does not cover the following:

  • signs of standard regular wear within the manufacturer’s recommendations, namely but not limited to superficial scratches, loss of shine, accumulation of patina where it may be expected or even desirable
  • deviation of accuracy within the tolerance permitted by the manufacturer of the movement
  • damage caused by improper use, namely but not limited to setting the date between 10 PM and 2 AM, exposing the watch to higher water pressure than stated, neglecting the advice on how to ensure the watch remains waterproof, damaging the watch due to an impact
  • damage caused by excessive exposure to harmful forces or elements which leave the watch showing signs of impairment, namely but not limited to exposure to magnetic forces, severe temperature changes, excessive cold or heat, exposure to microwaves or other forms of radiation, exposure to blows or vibration, exposure to underpressure or overpressure

A ROBOT watch is meant to be worn on the wrist. If you mount it on vibrating objects such as a bicycle frame, a car's dashboard or similar and cause it damage this way, the warranty will not be honoured.

The eight-year warranty will be discontinued immediately if:

  • the watch had been subject to unauthorised or DIY servicing
  • the watch had been tampered with or its serial number removed

The warranty is valid only for ROBOT watches acquired legally.

The eight-year warranty does not apply to leather and textile straps. Rubber and metal straps are guaranteed for the period set by the current consumer law. The same applies to other products included in the packaging and the packaging itself.