Watchmaking enjoys a long tradition in the Bohemia and it did not happen by accident. The industrial development of this part of the world in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was conducive to the flourishing of many areas of technical progress. Watchmaking is a craft which combines art and design and the application of precision engineering. Czech industry achieved international fame during the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the newly established Czechoslovak state. Fortunately, a lot of the knowledge and expertise survived the following half a century of decline under the communist regime.

Today, decades after the fall of communism, Czech design, typography and precision engineering are again enjoying the reputation they deserve. And these are very good times for the watchmaking sector. Our team comprises of an enlightened investor and several first-class designers and watchmakers. We began producing our unique ROBOT watches in Nové Město nad Metují where we want the design and technology of the twenty-first century to firmly stand on the best design and technology traditions of the past.

It all started with a meeting between the investor Josef Zajíček and the designers Michal Froněk and Jan Němeček of the renowned Olgoj Chorchoj design studio based in the Libeň neighbourhood of Prague. It soon transpired that all three shared a passion for technology, craftsmanship, and old racing cars. This gave rise to a project that would restore Czech watchmaking to its rightful place. The result is ROBOT – a concept of watches built on excellent precision manufacturing and timeless design.